"Lacie was very informative, she made us a great pairing plate to taste with every drink. I loved how intimate this was, my boyfriend had so many questions and she answered every one. Thank you for a fun birthday activity!" — Kira, April 2023

"Regardless of whether you know a little or a lot about this or do or don't drink, go ahead and book this now, I 100% guarantee, without a doubt you'll be pleased with Lacie and her amazing experience. With her decade plus of experience and ability to entertain guests it's not surprising that I was wanting to continue enjoying the experience even longer. It gives it an even more authentic feel knowing that she's been to Mexico and learned directly from the source." —Alexander, OCT 2022

"Amazing experience for anyone interested in learning more about agave spirits or just looking to try something new. Lacie was super friendly and extremely knowledgeable about all things Agave and it was a treat to learn from someone so passionate." — Wyatt, DEC 2022